2016-17 Study Abroad Scholarship Winners

In the fall 2016 round of competition, the winner was:

  • Emily Farrell, a junior at University of Tennessee—Knoxville, who has a double major in Spanish and English, and who is spending the 2017 spring semester in Bilbao, Spain. Emily wrote that she wants to strengthen her Spanish skills so as to be able to be a more effective teacher in urban settings and also to be able to teach English abroad. Emily’s CLA sponsor was Dr. Dawn Duke. See a slide show about Emily’s experience.

In the spring 2017 round of competition, the three winners were:

  • Kayla Oriyomi of Spelman College, a sophomore with a major in environmental science and a concentration in pre-medicine. She traveled in summer 2017 to Barcelona, Spain, with the plan to improve her Spanish skills and therefore better serve Spanish-speaking patients when she becomes a doctor. Her CLA sponsor was Professor Estelle Finley. See a slide show about Kayla’s experience.
  • Russell Miller, a freshman criminal justice major at Middle Georgia State University, and he is also a veteran who served in Iraq. He studied this summer in Madrid, Spain, through the European Council program. While in Spain he planned to learn more about the Roman roots of our legal tradition, as well as about historical and contemporary issues in international law.  Russell’s CLA sponsor was Dr. Mary Mears. See a slide show about Russell’s experience.
  • Kymberly Deane of Gettysburg College, a junior with a major in English and a minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. She plans to spend the fall 2017 semester in Lancaster and London, England, developing her cultural studies knowledge in a seminar on the countercultural British music of the 1960s. Her CLA sponsor was Dr. McKinley Melton.

The Study Abroad Scholarship Committee for 2016-17 were:

  • Dr. Marveta Ryan-Sams (chairperson)
  • Dr. Mario Chandler
  • Dr. Ingrid Watson Miller
  • Dr. Leroy Hopkins
  • Professor Estelle Finley
  • Dr. Dellita Martin-Ogunsola.