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Throughout the years, the members of the College Language Association have produced stellar scholarship on a range of important topics related to our core mission. Eager to share that work with the community and the larger world, we now have available three open access issues of CLAJ--the official journal of the College Language Association--so that you can familiarize yourself with the exciting scholarship that CLA members produce and consider submitting your own work to this prestigious journal. 

You can download a PDF of the full journal issue by clicking on the links below:

CLAJ 63.2: Rapid Response Special Issue

The first open access issue of CLAJ is 63.2--a special issue entitled, "For Us, To Us, About Us--Racial Unrest and Cultural Transformation." As guest editors Dana A. Williams and Kendra R. Parker note in their introduction, this issue "aims to explore the possibilities for meaningful and systemic cultural transformation, which we interpret broadly to include everything from the removal of confederate flags and monuments to statements of solidarity by arts organizations to a flood of mea culpas about the ways mainstream institutions (from universities to book publishers to awards and prize committees) have been--and no doubt continue to be--complicit in institutionalized racism." Published in 2020, this issue reflects our commitment to timely and innovative scholarship addressing real-world issues and concerns.

CLAJ 63.2: Rapid Response Special Issue


CLAJ 58.1-2: Special Issue on Maya Angelou

The second open access issue is CLAJ 58.1-2--a special double issue on Maya Angelou and edited by the late, great Cheryl Wall. In her introduction to this stellar issue, Wall poses, "Readers' affective responses account for the sustained popularity of Angelou's poetry and prose. At the beginning of her literary career, readers viewed Angelou as friend, sister, and mentor; by the end she assumed the status of elder, teacher, and guide....The articles that follow both employ proven strategies and open up new ways of reading a range of Angelou's writing" and thus "develop a criticism worthy of its subject." This issue, part of Cheryl Wall's lasting legacy, is part of our commitment to honoring the ancestors and preserving our history.

CLAJ 58.1-2: Special Issue on Maya Angelou


CLAJ 57.4: Special Issue on World Language Education

The final open access issue is CLAJ 57.4--an issue devoted to the study of world language education. In her piece, "CLA Journal and World Language Education: Bridging the Past with the Present," June C. D. Carter reflects on the importance of this area of study to the world and to CLA, indicating, "The selected essays in this special issue are only a few of many that represent CLAJ's scholarly contribution to questions and concerns about world language teaching and learning, as well as discussions on the relevance of second language study and its impact on the academic, career, and life skills of black students." The study of world languages, literatures, and cultures, after all, is an integral part of our CLA mission.

CLAJ 57.4: Special Issue on World Language Education