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We are Pleased to Announce...

Dr. Reginald Bess Headshot

Dr. Reginald A. Bess as CLA President, 2020-2022. Dr. Bess was elected by the CLA Executive Committee to this role after the passing of our beloved Vice President Dr. Yvonne E. McIntosh.

Jervette Headshot

Dr. Jervette R. Ward as CLA Vice President, 2020-2022. Dr. Ward ascended to the Vice President position after serving for two years as English Area Representative.

Appreciation and Goals from President Bess & Vice President Ward

On behalf of the entire CLA Executive Committee, we want to thank Dr. Rhonda Collier for her service as World Languages Representative, Dr. Donna Akiba Sullivan Harper for her service as President, and Dr. Clément Akassi for his service as Immediate Past President of CLA for 2018-2020.

We are honored and excited to serve as the President and Vice President of CLA for 2020-2022. During the next two years, our goals are to build upon our rich history and legacy by strengthening our financial and organizational structure and by recruiting and retaining members. We hope that you will join us in our efforts.