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The CLA Journal (ISSN 0007-8549) is a multilingual peer-reviewed bi-annual publication by the College Language Association. It is issued in March and September of each year. The subscription price for CLAJ to non-members and to libraries is $80.00 yearly in the United States, $82.50 in Canada, and $93.00 in other countries. The price of current single copies is $42.75. The price of single copies of current Special Issues is $43.75.

Submission Guidelines

CLA Journal Submission Guidelines

The CLA Journal(ISSN 0007-8549) is a multilingual peer-reviewed bi-annual publication by the College Language Association. It is issued in September and March of each year.

CLAJ welcomes year-round, mission-appropriate submissions yet limits publication to only those authors who haveor will satisfy prerequisite membership in the organization.

All manuscripts must be submitted electronically at the CLAJ submission portal. (Insert link here.) To successfully upload submissions, include all requisite items in the checklist.

CLAJrequires standard formatting for all essays, including those submitted for consideration in special issues.

  • Formatting and citations should conform to The MLA Handbook(8th Edition, 2016).
  • Manuscripts must be Microsoft Word documents, double spaced, with one-inch margins, and Times New Roman 12 pt. font.
  • Manuscripts should be approximately 20-24 pages (7000-8000 words), which excludes footnotes and works cited.
  • CLAJ requires references notes in the form of footnotes.

Submissions that do not adhere to these specifications will not be considered for publication.

Required Details to Accompany Submissions

  • A cover letter with
    • the author’s name
    • preferred mailing and email addresses
    • telephone number
    • professional affiliation
  • A 250-word abstract of the essay formatted as a single-spaced page with the essay titles and author’s name
  • A 100-word biographical sketch of the author. (If the work is collaborative, a separate biographical sketch is required for each author.)
  • A statement of the author’s CLA membership

Identifying Text for CLA Journal

The CLA Journal(ISSN 0007-8549) is a multilingual peer-reviewed bi-annual publication by the College Language Association. It is issued in September and March of each year.

Established in 1957, CLAJ is a multilingual, international publication that fosters socially engaged, innovative, and groundbreaking scholarship in language, literature, linguistics, and pedagogy cultivated by the diverse international membership of CLA. CLAJis the voice of a community of scholars, the first in establishing a forum for intellectual discourse among black scholars in language and literary studies. Articles treating the languages and literatures of all nations will be deemed worthy of careful consideration for publication. In keeping with its desire to develop the study of the languages and literatures of Africa and its global diaspora as an important area of scholarship, CLAJis committed to offering critical perspectives and new developments in the analysis of language, literature, and cultural studies representative of the diverse scholarly interests of its members while privileging the African diaspora and transcultural black identities. CLAJneither considers previously published material nor manuscripts submitted elsewhere.

Book Review Guidelines

Book Review

CLAJ currently considers unsolicited book reviews for publication and dispatches books to qualified members for solicited reviews. If you would like to submit an unsolicited book review, suggest a book for review, or request to become a reviewer, please send an email to the CLAJ Book Review Editor, Dr. Tosha Sampson-Choma at [email protected] If, after a week, you have not received an acknowledgment of your query or submission, please query again or write to the senior editor of the CLAJ at [email protected] Please write “Book Review Query” or “Book Review Submission” in the subject line of the email as applicable.

Book Review Requirements

The book review should:

• include a brief summary of the book’s central argument.

• offer an assessment of the book’s contribution to the existing literature in its field.

• provide a frank evaluation of the book’s strengths and weaknesses.

• maintain a collegial and constructive tone.

• adhere to MLA style guidelines.

• be 500-2000 words in length.

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