Executive Committee

Editorial Board, Standing Committees & Allied Organizations

  • Assistant Editor
    Dr. Christopher Allen Varlack, Arcadia University

    Managing Editor
    Dr. Sharon Lynette Jones, Wright University, Dayton, OH

    Book Review Editor 
    Dr. Tosha Sampson-Choma, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS

    Advisory Editor

    Dr. Simon Abramowitsch, Chabot College, Hayward, CA
    Dr. Monique Akassi, Howard University, Washington, DC
    Dr. Msia K. Clark, Howard University, Washington, DC
    Dr. Emma Waters Dawson, Florida A&M University, Tallahassee, FL
    Dr. Derayeh Derakhshesh, Howard University, Washington, DC
    Dr. Sheila Smith Mckoy, Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw GA
    Dr. McKinley E. Melton, Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA
    Dr. Angelyn Mitchell, Georgetown University, Washington DC
    Dr. Maxine L Montgomery, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL
    Dr. Aldon Nielsen, Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA
    Dr. Theri A. Pickens, Bates College, Lewiston, ME
    Dr. Howard Rambsy, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, Il
    Dr. Elisa Guadalupe Rizo, Iowa State University, Ames, IA
    Dr. Marie Sairsingh, University of the Bahamas, Nassau, Bahamas
    Dr. Marveta Ryan-Sams, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA
    Dr. Shirley Toland-Dix, Auburn University, Montgomery, AL
    Dr. Reginald A. Wilburn, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH
    Dr. Vanessa K. Valdés, The City College of New York-CUNY

Alice Childress Society

Contact: La Vinia D. Jennings, [email protected]

Charles Chesnutt Society

Contact: Ernestine Pickens-Glass, [email protected]

Georgiana Simpson

Contact: Carolyn Hodges, [email protected] or Contact: Janice D. Mitchell, [email protected]

Langston Hughes Society

Contact: Christopher Varlack, [email protected]

Society for the Study of American Women Writers

Contact: Ellen Garvey, [email protected]

Zora Neale Hurston Society

Contact: Ruthe Sheffey